gemini capsule

This place is a shared gemini server.  Each user is free to upload his own gemini capsule/gemlog.  It will be available at gemini://

If you're interested, just send your public ssh key to prx and wait his reply.

Email username and public ssh key

What is gemini?

We share 18G storage.  That's a lot of things to write.  If you need to share big files, please consider using a more appropriate way.

My account is created, now what?


Write files following text/gemini syntax.  In short:

A line is considered as a paragraph. A long line (without line break) is wrapped to screen.

Empty lines remains empty. 

=> gemini://domain.tld/a-link.gmi This is a link
=> https://domain.tld/ Another link
=> /relative-link/without-description

* item 1 
* item 2
* item 3

> This is a quote from nobody

# TITLE level 1
## Title level 2
### title level 3

Using ``` toggle preformatted mode : all text between two ``` lines is kept untouched (useful for code).

index.gmi is served by default.

To write a gemlog ("gemini blog"), add links in your index.gmi file following this format:

=> /user/article1.gmi 2021-01-01 my first post
=> /user/another-article.gmi 2021-01-02 my second post

Send files

Use sftp with "-i" option to specify your private ssh key.

sftp -i ~/.ssh/sshkey

It might be easier to add this to your "~/.ssh/config":

Host gmisi3tch
	User username
	IdentityFile /home/username/.ssh/sshkey

Then use simply :

sftp gmisi3tch

See man sftp for a full list of command.

sftp session example

$ sftp gmisi3tch
Connected to
sftp> pwd
Remote working directory: /home/foo
sftp> put index.gmi
Uploading index.gmi to /home/foo/index.gmi
index.gmi                                         100% 2290    72.1KB/s   00:00

Make sure your file is readable by the server (depending on your local umask):

sftp> chmod 644 file.gmi

Setting mode to 640 or less can work as marking the file as a draft.

How to create a ssh key?

ssh-keygen -t ed25519 -f ~/.ssh/sshkey -a 100

Feel free to enter a password, or not.


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